amh-roof-450x500The purchase of a home may be the largest investment you will ever make, one that often involves considerable risk. The process of buying a new home can be extremely stressful and confusing and you want the assurance that you are making an informed decision. Hiring a professional home inspector will significantly reduce your risk and help make the entire home buying experience easier and less stressful. American Home Inspection will provide you with the thoroughness and expertise to give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

The inspection will take you from the foundation to the roof top and will reveal conditions that could help you avoid costly repairs. During the inspection we will differentiate between items or conditions that need immediate attention, those that will need future repair or replacement, and point out areas that may require routine maintenance.

American Home Inspection encourages clients to accompany the inspector, ask detailed questions and obtain the benefit of hands-on visual awareness and discussion. This, along with a written report, will provide great insight to the dwelling’s condition and contribute to your peace of mind.